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Category: Classic Rock

V (My Body Is A Well)

by Nim


  1. well nourished in body, bones rich with marrow. New Living Translation the picture of good health, vigorous and fit. English Standard Version his pails full of milk and the marrow of his bones moist. Berean Study Bible His body is well nourished, and his bones are .
  2. Aug 14,  · "When I take my shirt off in public, I am extremely aware of my body. It feels unnatural to be shirtless. I feel as though all eyes are on me and no one is liking what they see. I'm 6'4'' on the outside and 5'4'' on the inside. I feel better about my body now than I did in the past. I don't want a perfect body.
  3. Sep 12,  · 9. I count my blessings, not my blemishes. I think of my body as a valuable gift. I consider myself the expert on my body, not the fashion magazines, the cosmetics industry, the weight charts. I am as “in love” with my body as an infant is. I think of my body as a tool, as an instrument of my life, not just as an ornament.
  4. Aug 05,  · Get Well with Dr. Kevin. Posted: Aug 5, If you want better energy, better metabolism, and a healthier body, I wanted to invite you to join us at my office for this amazing community seminar.
  5. Jul 31,  · Living with congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension has taught me to let my physical health “be what it is.” This past year, giving myself permission to “be” helped me accept my bad days as they happened. I had to learn how to rest, listen to my body, pay attention to my body’s needs, and acknowledge when I was doing too much. left me with more bad days than good ones.
  6. Aug 03,  · 6 stress-relieving products to help calm your mind and relax your body. of aromatherapy for a better sense of calm and well-being. and feel the tension build up in my .
  7. When I couldn’t console my son if he was upset, rage would seem to well up inside of me, so I would slam doors and run into the bathroom to let out a scream. This little bundle of joy barely slept or took naps during the day for me, so I was absolutely exhausted, living off of caffeine and sugar just to function.
  8. It is distinct and observable, and has a discernible effect on the quality of your life. You will be less tense, less tired, and more present in the body. So not only will you stand straighter, sit more comfortably, and walk with more fluidity, your experience of the body will be more enjoyable in general.

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